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Providing cloud services for any stage in the cloud adoption lifecycle.

Our services meet you where you are in cloud adoption

Cloud Adoption Strategy
All serious initiatives require planning. Transitioning your organization’s IT resources to the cloud will require a roadmap, a plan that is ambitious yet realistic. We can lead you through the process of building and documenting your plan, one that enables corporate goals and objectives.

CLIMB: Cloud Implementation Baseline
Beginning with a workshop with key players we quickly transition to tactical implementations to establish traction. Once benefits are established we help with early strategic initiatives and begin the journey to operational maturity. All based on an evolving plan.

Application Migration to the Cloud
The fastest path to benefits is often migrating selective applications to a cloud platform. From websites to file systems there are many applications that can be migrated safely and securely to the cloud to free up resources and improve performance. We can help you target a portfolio of applications for migration and optimize the migration effort.

Cloud Application Development
From proof of concept to pilot, from tactical project to strategic initiative, we have the skills and resources to implement solutions, either as part of your team or on a fixed fee project basis. Let us show you what we can do.

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure presents new opportunities and benefits, but only if done right. A virtual infrastructure that mimics a physical infrastructure is at least inefficient and more than likely ineffective. Let us help your organization get cloud infrastructure right the first time or remediate issues with your first cloud apps.

DevOps & Agile Integration
Agile development has been proven to accelerate solution delivery and build user confidence in the software development organization. DevOps brings together the development teams and the operations teams in a streamlined software delivery model reducing risk and speeding user adoption. Let us train your teams in these new methodologies and help lead adoption on a broad scale.

Cloud Security
Security considerations need to be accounted for in your cloud strategy and reference architecture at every layer. This approach enables governance and tools to be applied to cloud application development at every step of the development lifecycle. BDG staff can work with you to address your specific industry and corporate security concerns in your cloud game plan.

Cloud Intelligence
Business intelligence solutions built and deployed in the cloud expand the universe of information available to users and accelerate time to value. Our ability to understand the information users need for decision making and our knowledge of cloud solutions enable us to design and deliver business intelligence that will drive the top line and reduce costs.

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