Reduce physical infrastructure, lower TCO, improve performance

The fastest path to benefits is often migrating selective applications to a cloud platform. From websites to file systems there are many applications that can be migrated safely and securely to the cloud to free up resources and improve performance. We can help you target a portfolio of applications for migration and optimize the migration effort.

Application Migration to the Cloud

You may be facing pressure to reduce spend on physical infrastructure or an imperative to close data centers. Migrating existing applications to the cloud can provide significant relief from these growing pressures.

Many applications are readily migrated to the cloud. The cloud can also be leveraged to “extend” existing applications adding disaster recovery or expanding storage and other critical application resources. We can work with you to:

  • Establish criteria for the best application migration opportunities
  • Understand tradeoffs between tactical migration and optimizing for cloud architecture
  • Identify and prioritize a list of target migrations and extensions
  • Move applications for you and with you, training your resources on best practices along the way

Let our skilled and experienced team help you reduce the load on existing resources, transition cost from physical to cloud infrastructure, and deal with pressures to limit IT infrastructure spend.

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