Intelligently scale your cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure presents new opportunities and benefits, but only if done right. A virtual infrastructure that mimics a physical infrastructure is at least inefficient and more than likely ineffective. Let us help your organization get cloud infrastructure right the first time or remediate issues with your first cloud apps.

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure

Transitioning to the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink and rebuild your IT infrastructure to better support the business. Built wrong, it can hinder the business in the same ways your current physical infrastructure limits what you can do and what it costs to do it. Built right, it will be scalable, flexible and cost effective.

Leveraging our experience, we’ll push you to make the leap and break out of your old ways of thinking about infrastructure and application architecture.

We will guide you through each of these important steps to success:

  • Understand your applications. What are the demands of your applications – what are compute types, compute loads, and compute patterns.
  • Build a reference architecture. A good architecture will be prescriptive of the best infrastructure model for any new application or application port. Should you build on IaaS, PaaS, or acquire a SaaS application? Does hybrid cloud address issues specific to your application portfolio?
  • Make the move to a service based architecture. It’s time to stop building monolithic siloed applications. The cloud presents an unprecedented opportunity to build shared services (authentication, business objects and functions, data access, etc.) that can be reused again and again across the application portfolio. Only then can you improve speed to market and system reliability.
  • Rethink support services. You will need to redesign your support model, and retrain and redeploy support resources to best service the new infrastructure as it’s deployed

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