Develop a strategic and operational plan for cloud migration

All serious initiatives require planning. Transitioning your organization’s IT resources to the cloud will require a roadmap, a plan that is ambitious yet realistic. We can lead you through the process of building and documenting your plan, one that enables corporate goals and objectives.

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Too many organizations approach the cloud without a plan. Bottom-up initiatives should be encouraged, but in the context of an overall game plan and strategy. Reaping the benefits, financial and operational, of the cloud will require investment and ROI based justification. Early successes will earn support and investment; a single visible failure could derail cloud efforts. Choosing the right projects at the right time is critical – for that you need a plan.

Let our team leverage our CLIMB program to work with you in laying out a plan for cloud adoption that can lead to early wins and transform your delivery organization over time.

Tasks and deliverables will include:

  • Discovery with key players
  • Education
  • Planning workshop
  • Drivers for cloud adoption
  • Required investment and anticipated benefits
  • Roadmap for transition
  • Identification and prioritization of proof of concept and pilot efforts

You will have the plan you need to embark on your CLIMB to the cloud.

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