Cloud Security

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Security considerations need to be accounted for in your cloud strategy and reference architecture at every layer. This approach enables governance and tools to be applied to cloud application development at every step of the development lifecycle. BDG staff can work with you to address your specific industry and corporate security concerns in your cloud game plan.

Cloud Security

Security must be an integral part of cloud architecture and application development.

Every business has different needs, and every company will reap distinct benefits from cloud solutions. Still, customers of all kinds have the same fundamental concerns about moving to the cloud. They want to retain control of their data, and they want that data to be kept secure and private, all while maintaining transparency and compliance.

The Keys to Cloud Security:

  • In any security attack, target organizations are only as safe as their weakest link. If any component is not secured, then the entire system is at risk. Boston Data Group develops applications for our clients by following Microsoft Azure best practices to ensure your data is secure.
  • The Azure platform enables customers to maintain full control of their data. Most companies require choice where their data resides in the cloud. Azure enables companies to choose the location of data storage. It also enables businesses to verify independently how their data is being stored, accessed, and secured.
  • As corporations and government agencies expand their use of cloud technologies, the complexity, and scope of standards and regulations continue to evolve. They need to know that their compliance standards will be met and that compliance will evolve as regulations change over time. The Azure platform enables cloud service providers to conform to most industry standards.

Azure code development adheres to Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). The SDL is a software development process that helps developers build more secure software and address security compliance requirements while reducing development cost.

Microsoft shares this methodology freely with the industry and cloud services providers like Boston Data Group. It embeds security requirements into systems and software through the planning, design, development, and deployment phases.

To learn more about security in the cloud, please download the Microsoft White Paper titled “Trusted Cloud: Microsoft Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance.”

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