Microsoft Azure Webinar Series

Cloud Technology Insights

Boston Data Group works with all of the leading public cloud providers including Microsoft Azure. We just became aware of a series of in depth Azure technical webinars offered by Microsoft during the month of March. We recommend checking them out as a way to learn more about Azure's capabilities.

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9 am Pacific Time, Tuesdays & Thursdays

How to migrate virtual machines, apps, and data to the cloud with confidence
Tuesday, 3/13/18 at 8 am Pacific Time

IDC: How can federal agencies maximize the value of the cloud?
Tuesday, 3/13/18 at 10 am Pacific Time

What are Microservices and why should you use them?
Tuesday, 3/20/18 at 10 am Pacific Time

Improve your IT using Windows Server containers in Azure
Wednesday, 3/21/18 at 10 am Pacific Time

How to best secure your IoT deployment
Wednesday, 3/21/18 at 1 pm Pacific Time

Move your transactional workloads to the cloud using SQL Database
Tuesday, 3/27/18 at 1 pm Pacific Time

Introduction to Custom Vision Service
Wednesday, 3/28/18 at 10 am Pacific Time

3 essential components for Linux cloud management
Wednesday, 3/28/18 at 1 pm Pacific Time

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