Enterprise Expansion

You’ve built some important applications in the cloud but you need help taking it to the next stage – establishing a reference architecture, adopting devops, training and organizing your staff, improving interoperability, tightening security and hardening infrastructure. BDG has the experience and the talent to help you make it to cloud maturity.

Fortunately we’ve helped many firms finding themselves at this point in the journey. We’ve developed service offerings well suited to your situation that can help you jumpstart you efforts.

Cloud Application Development

From proof of concept to pilot, from tactical project to strategic initiative, we have the skills and resources to implement solutions, either as part of your team or on a fixed fee project basis. Let us show you what we can do.

Advanced Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure presents new opportunities and benefits, but only if done right. A virtual infrastructure that mimics a physical infrastructure is at least inefficient and more than likely ineffective. Let us help your organization get cloud infrastructure right the first time or remediate issues with your first cloud apps.

DevOps and Agile Methodology

Agile development has been proven to accelerate solution delivery and build user confidence in the software development organization. DevOps brings together the development teams and the operations teams in a streamlined software delivery model reducing risk and speeding user adoption. Let us teach train your teams in these new methodologies and help lead adoption on a broad scale.


Security considerations need to be accounted for in your cloud strategy and reference architecture at every layer. This approach enables governance and tools to be applied to cloud application development at every step of the development lifecycle. BDG staff can work with you to address your specific industry and corporate security concerns in your cloud game plan.

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