DevOps & Agile Integration


Agile is an established methodology that embraces short iterative sprints resulting in functional, testable software.  It defines specific roles and responsibilities for team members and is readily adopted by a software development organization that is well trained and supported.   

Agile’s benefits are well established with an emphasis on speed, predictability and software quality.  If you haven’t transitioned to Agile, now is the time to do so.  Your transition to cloud solutioning is the perfect window to introduce this modern development methodology. 

DevOps takes Agile a step further and advocates for tighter integration between your development and operations teams.  Development iterations should be deployed in your cloud infrastructure by your operations staff in a QA environment and testing for scalability and usability should be happening with each short development sprint.  Operations staff should be part of the Agile team.   

Let us work with you to: 

  • Assess your current methodology and it’s shortcomings 
  • Collaborate to define your methodology migration plan 
  • Educate your teams in Agile and DevOps 
  • Oversee adoption 
  • Monitor your Agile teams for adherence 
  • Measure and document results